Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tickled Pink - PTU

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Tube of Choice - I am using one by the talented Célinart Pinup.. Get it HERE
Scrap Kit of Choice: Mine is a PTU kit called Tickled Pink by TammyKat. Get it HERE
Mask of Choice
Font of Choice - I'm using one called Seriffic Grunge
FILTERS: Xero - Radiance

Open a new image 700x700

Open tk-tickledpink-frame4
Copy/Paste as new layer
Magic Wand tool - Select inside each part of the frame, making sure to select the drop shadowed areas
Selections - Modify - Expand - 4

New Raster Layer under frame
Flood fill with gradient or texture of choice
Change the blend mode to screen and drop the opacity to around 73

Open tk-tickledpink-smalldot-black
Copy/Paste as new layer underneath frame layer
Selections - Invert - Delete
Don’t deselect just yet.

Open Your tube of choice
Copy/Paste as new layer between the frame and paper
Position to your liking
Hit Delete
Crop your tag
Effects - Xero - Radiance, with these settings:
            Strangeness - 29
            Charm - 165
            Truth - 227
            Beauty - 218

Open/Copy/ paste as new layer above frame layer tk-tickledpink-paperflower2-pink
Move it to the bottom right side of pink part of the frame
Copy/Paste/ paste as new layer above tk-tickledpink-paperflower-black
Resize 60%
Place above the pink flower but not all the way (move it up a little)

Open/Copy/Paste as new layer tk-tickledpink-skullcharm1
Resize 70% and move to right side of frame

Open/Copy/Paste as new layer tk-tickledpink-foldedribbon1
Resize 70%
Move above the frame layer
Place it at the bottom of the frame

Copy/Paste your tube as new layer
Resize as desired.
Move to the right side of tag
Drop Shadow

Open/Copy/Paste as new layer tk-tickledpink-tickledpink-word
Place it above your tube below the frame

Open/Copy/Paste as new layer tk-tickledpink-sexyword
Place it at the top of tag above the frame

Copy/Paste tk-tickledpink-plaid1 as new layer and move it under everything
Layers - Load Mask - find your mask - click ok
Merge Group
You may want to resize it a little bit

Open/Copy/ Paste as new later tk-tickledpink-paintsplatter1
Resize 80% and move above mask

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