Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sexy & I Know It - PTU

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This tutorial was written by Twilight on 7/21/12. Any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental. 

Tube of Choice - I am using one by  Célinart Pinup. You can get it HERE
Scrap Kit of choice - I am using Sexy & I Know It by TammyKat. You can Purchase the kit HERE
Font of Choice - Mine is called A Hundred Miles

Let's get started!

Open a new image - 700 x  700

Open tk-sexy&iknowit-frame5 
Copy/Paste as new layer
Image - Free Rotate - Left or right (doesn't matter) - 90 Degrees
Duplicate frame

On the original frame layer:
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius 8.00
Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise
      Random Checked
      Monochrome Checked

Now, on your duplicated frame:
Magic Wand - Tolerance and Feather - 0
Click inside the frame
Selections - Modify - Expand - 4

Copy/Paste tk-sexy&iknowit-paper5 as new layer under frame and above noise layer
Selections - Invert - Hit Delete
Don't Deselect yet.

Copy and Paste tube(s) of choice, preferably  a close-up(s)
Arrange whichever way you like inside the frame, then hit delete on the tube layer(s)
If you used more than one tube or duplicated, merge them together and change blend mode to Screen

Add a drop shadow to your frame
        V&H - 0
        Opacity - 100
        Blur - 2.00
        Color - Black

Copy and Paste your tube of choice and place it in the center and on top of the frame
Add a drop shadow, same as above

Open/Copy/Paste  tk-sexy&iknowit-element8 as new layer
Move it to the bottom of the frame
Using your selections tool, cut off any of the ribbon that is outside the frame
Drop Shadow

Copy/Paste tk-sexy&iknowit-wordart1 as new layer
Resize 60%, or to your liking
Place it above your tube, to the bottom right of the frame
Drop Shadow

Open/Copy/Paste tk-sexy&iknowit-element19 as new layer
Resize about 60%
Move to the bottom left corner of the frame

Open/Copy/Paste tk-sexy&iknowit-element12 as new layer
Resize 60%
Move to the center of the black flower

Open/Copy/Paste tk-sexy&iknowit-element3 as new layer
Resize 60%
Place to the left side of your frame

Crop to your liking
Add your name and copyright info

Thank you for trying my tut!

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