Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FTU Toxic Rawk

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This tutorial was written by Twilight on 7/18/12. Any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental. 

Tube and close up of Choice: I'm using a PTU tube by Ismael Rac HERE
Scrap kit of Choice: I'm using one called Toxic Rawk by Schnegge HERE
Mask of Choice - WSL Mask 220 from Chelle at HERE
Font of Choice - I used Quick End Jerk

Open a new image 700 by 700 (can crop later)
Open frame04
Copy/Paste as new layer

Open frame03
Copy/Paste as new layer over top of frame04

Open your tube/closeup
Copy/Paste as new layer under frame03
Select Frame03 layer
Magic Wand/Select inside the frame
Selections/Modify/Expand by 4
Select your tube layer
Don't Deselect
Open Paper of choice - I used p05
Copy/Paste as new layer - under tube/close up layer
Selections/Invert Delete
Crop tag (to get rid of any excess paper off the canvas)
Change the Blend Mode on the Tube layer to Lighten

Add a drop shadow to both frame layers
V&H - 0
Opacity - 100
Blur - 3
Color - black

Open the Crystal
Copy/Paste as new layer above frame03 layer
Resize 80%
Move to bottom left corner of tag
Drop Shadow / same as above

Open foliage
Copy/Paste as new layer under the crystal layer
Move to left side of frame
Drop Shadow

Open bottle02
Copy/Paste as new layer
Move to bottom right corner of frame
Drop Shadow

Open glass
Copy/Paste as new layer above bottle02
Resize 80%
Move the bottom right of the frame
Drop Shadow

Open butterfly02
Copy/Paste as new layer
Move it to the top right corner of frame so that it touches the glass
Drop Shadow

Open splatter02
Copy/Paste as new layer move to the left of tag
Merge with the original splatter layer
Drag this down below the frame layers

Copy/Paste your tube as new layer
Add drop shadow

Open paper of choice
Copy/paste as new layer under everything else
Layers/Load/Save Mask/Load Mask from Disc and pick your mask
Merge Group

Add your copyrights and name, Crop, and you're done!
 Thank you for trying my tutorial!

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