Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Night - PTU

This tutorial was written by Twilight on 7/25/12. Any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.  
Tube of Choice: I am using a new one by Lynn Rider. Buy it HERE
Scrap Kit of Choice: I am using a PTU kit called "Summer Night" by Bella's Designs. Buy it HERE
Font of Choice: Mine is called 2Peas Sunshine. It is a PTU font. Buy it HERE

Open a new image 700 x 700

Open BD_SN_Element30
Duplicate 2 times
Copy/Paste as new layer
On the bottom layer,
     Effects - DBS Flux - Blast:
         Direction - Left
         Percentage - 20
Repeat on middle layer, changing the direction to right.

On your top layer:
Magic Wand Tool - Select inside the frame
Selections - Modify - Expand - 4

Open BD_SN_Paper1
Copy/Paste as new layer
Move it under the top frame layer
Selections - Invert - Delete

Open tube of choice
Copy/Paste as new layer
Line her up with the bottom of the frame so that it looks like her bottom half is in the frame (if you're using a full body tube, you can use the selections tool to take some of the tube off)

Open BD_SN_Element11
Copy/Paste as new layer
Image - Mirror
Resize 80% twice
Place on the left side of the frame

Open BD_SN_Element13
Copy/Paste as new layer under tube layer
Resize 80% and place it so it looks like it's hanging from the top of the frame

Open BD_SN_Element17
Copy/Paste as new layer under chair
Resize about 60%
Move to the left side of the frame

Open BD_SN_Element10
Copy/Paste as new layer
Resize about 50%
Move to the top right corner under frame and paper layer s

Open BD_SN_Element21
Copy/Paste as new layer under chair layer
Resize 60%, then again at 80%
Make is so it's peeking out behind the chair

Open BD_SN_Element27
Copy/Paste as new layer under tube
Resize 80% and set the blend mode to screen

Crop and resize your image.

Add any other elements you might want
Add your copyright info and name and you're done!

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