Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sweet Romance - PTU

This tutorial was written by Twilight on 8/14/12. Any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.  
NOTE: If you get confused at any time, you can use my tag for reference!

Tube: I'm using the art of Caron Vinson. You can get it at CDO
ScrapKit: I'm using a beautiful PTU kit called "Sweet Romance" by Niqui.
PLUGINS: Muras Meister Cloud, Xero - Radiance

-nq-element 12
-nq-paper 1
-nq-element 5
-nq-element 20
-nq-element 55
-nq-element 53
-nq-element 45
-nq-element 46
-nq-element 44
-nq-element 26
-nq-element 16
-nq-element 8

Open a new image  700 x 700

Grab your Picture Tube Tool
Find Grass 01 - Scale: 50 Step: 500
Fill the bottom half of your canvas by clicking around a few times

New Raster Layer
Flood Fill with a color of choice (I used #6ab7ee to make it more sky-like)
Effects- Muras Meister - Cloud
In the preset menu, find "fog" and hit ok
Drag this under the grass and merge visible

Layers - Load/Save Mask - Load Mask from Disk
Find WSL_Mask003
Hit Load
Merge Group

Copy/Paste "nq-element 12" as  a new layer
Resize 80%

Magic Wand tool
Click inside the frame
Selections - Modify - Expand - 4
Copy/Paste "nq-paper 1" as a new layer
Selections - Invert - Delete
Copy/Paste your tube as a new layer
Arrange inside the frame
Hit Delete
Effects - Xero - Radiance - Default settings

Add a drop shadow to the frame
V&H: 0
Opacity: 100
Blur: 2
Color: Black

Hide the mask layer
Merge Visible the frame, tube and paper
Unhide the mask layer
Resize 80%
Resize the frame layer 80%
Move both down just a little

Copy/Paste "nq-element 5" as a new layer
Resize 60%
Image - Mirror
Place on the top left corner of frame

Copy/Paste "nq-element 20" as a new layer
Resize 60% TWICE
Place over the tube in the frame
Change the Blend mode to Multiply

Copy/Paste "nq-element 55" as a new layer
Resize 60%
Place on the bottom left of frame
Drop Shadow

Copy/Paste "nq-element 53" as a new layer
Move to the top of the canvas and drag it below the frame layer

Copy/Paste "nq-element 45" as a new layer
Resize 70%
Drag under the pillow layer
Place at the bottom of the frame

Copy/Paste "nq-element 46" as a new layer
Resize 50%
Image - Mirror
Place at the bottom left corner of the pillows

Copy/Paste "nq-element 44" as a new layer
Resize 70%
Place under element 45 on the right of the frame

Copy/Paste "nq-element 26" as a new layer
Resize 60%

Copy/Paste "nq-element 16" as a new layer
Resize 50%
Place on the bottom right corner of tag

Copy/Paste "nq-element 8" as a new layer
Resize 80%

Crop/Resize tag
Add your name and copyright info and you're done!

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