Saturday, July 2, 2016

No Scraps: Beauty

This tutorial was written my Miranda/Randi. Any resemblance to any other tag/tutorial is purely coincidental.  Please do not copy my tutorial and use it as your own. This tutorial was written using PSPX4.

PTU tube by Ishika Chowdhury.
You can purchase this beautiful tube at Mystical Scraps or DigiDivas
Template by me: HERE
Animation Shop

Muras Meister - Copies
Xenofex 2 - Constellation - VTR2

Open my template
Close the original.

Delete the credits layer.

On the background layer:
Open your tube of choice
Effects - Plugins - Muras Meister - Copies:
H-Tile(Random v-line)
Number: 8
Hit ok.
Duplicate this layer
Move it up so the faces are on the top
Drag it below the original tube layer
Merge together

Adjust: Blur: Radial Blur with these settings:

Adjust - Sharpen More

Copy and paste your tube again.
Arrange to your liking and set the blend mode to soft light

Change the blend mode on "Tone" layer to soft light and duplicate twice.
I renamed "Tone 1" "Tone2" and "Tone3"
On "Tone1":
Xenofex 2: Constellation:

Repeat with tone 2 and tone 3 hitting random seed each time

On your rectangles layer:
Selections - Select all
Selections - Float
Selections - Defloat
New Raster layer
Flood fill with a color from your tube
Delete the original rectangles layer
Effects - - VTR2:
Distance: 6
Width: 1
Add a dropshadow of choice

Copy Paste and resize your tube, placing it in the center

Select the border
Selections - Select all
Selections - Float
Selections - Defloat
New Raster layer

Pick a color from your tube or a gradient.
I used foreground background gradient.
Make sure to Set your foreground/background colors to two colors from your tube
Flood fill the selection
Add noise: 24%
Drop Shadow
Delete original border layer

Add your copyright info
Add your name

Hide Tone layers 2 and 3
Edit - Copy Merged
Paste as new animation in Animation shop

Back in psp
Unhide Tone layer 2
Hide  Tone layer 1
Edit - Copy Merged
Paste After Current Frame in Animation Shop

Back in psp again:
Hide Tone Layer 2
Unhide Tone Layer 3
Edit - Copy Merged
Paste After Current Frame in animation shop

View Animation to make sure its to your liking
That's it!
Thank you for trying my tutorial!
I would love to see your results!

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