Thursday, July 3, 2014

Queen of Hearts - No Scraps

This tutorial was written by Miranda on 7/3/14. Any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.  
NOTE: If you get confused at any time, you can use my tag for reference!

PTU tube by Terra Bidlespacher. You need a license to use this tube. You can find it at MyTubedArt - VTR 2
Xero - Porcelain
Xero - Radiance: My settings HERE
Muras Meister Copies
Pixel Font - Pixel Caps
Eye Candy 4000 - Glass
Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow
Word Art Font - Janda Apple Cobbler Solid

Open a new image 600x250

Copy/Paste your tube as a new layer. A close up is recommended for this.
Duplicate twice.
Hide the top tube layer.
 Place the other two to the left and the right.
 One should overlap the other.
Merge them together.

On the bottom layer:
Adjust - Blur - Radial Blur
Blur Type: Twirl
Strength: 50%
Twirl Degrees: 0
Elliptical Checked
Horizontal Offset: 1
Vertical Offset: 0
Protect Center: 25
Hit OK

Effects - Plugins - - VTR2
Line Distance - 26
Line Width - 0
Contrast - 59
Ghost - 0

Effects - Plugins - Xero - Porcelain - Default Settings

On the top duplicated layer change blend mode to Soft Light

Text tool - Choose a pixel font of choice
Size - 8
A color from tube - I used #6b2f27
Type Queen of Hearts. Apply.
Convert to raster
Effects - Plugins - Muras Meister - Copies
The only two things I changed:
In the drop down, find Tiling
Change Tile Gap to 1
Change the blend mode to Screen

Unhide your tube layer & resize as needed
Effects - Plugins - Xero Radiance
Grab my settings above.
Add a drop shadow

Text tool - Find a thick font or use the same as I did
Type out Queen of Hearts again
Size - 72
Convert to raster.
Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy 4000 - Glass
Default Settings other than glass color. I used #6b2f27
Hit Okay

Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow
Change Glow Width to 3
Choose two colors from tube
I used #8a7e7c and #6b2f27
Place four color markers, two for each color (1 & 2:#8a7e7c, 3 & 4:#6b2f27)
Add Drop Shadow
Place at the bottom

New Raster Layer
Select All
Selections - Modify - Select Selection Borders
Inside and Anti-Alias checked
Border Width - 4

Flood fill with #6b2f27 or a color of your choice
Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add noise
Random and Monochrome checked
Drop Shadow

Add your Name and Copyright info and you're done!

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